Complete Guide on How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar

Level:Getting started
Total time:One week

How This Course Works:

In this online course, you’ll learn about the gear you might need to start playing acoustic guitar.

It’s taught through 4 modules, with each module aiming to affordably equip you with high-quality gear, so that you can start learning the guitar with nice equipment but still a thick wallet.

Course Format

A lot like getting a car, it’s fun to be on the hunt in the market, but if you’re not careful you could spend more than you meant to. With this series of guides, hopefully you can know what gear you might need (and might not need) to start playing acoustic guitar, while helping you discern good options from bad options.

All in all, this guide is meant to help you get setup with your acoustic guitar with ease, so that your full enthusiasm and attention can get properly funnelled towards actually learning the guitar.

It’s free to access the information on this course, and that’s possible since, if you happen to purchase any of our suggested products, we’ll earn a tiny commission which helps to pay for the small operation of this site.

Blah148 | Mitchell Park

Your Instructor

Your instructor is a Canadian named Mitchell Park, also known by the Youtube channel name of Blah148.

He began teaching around 2011, and is excited to share as much as possible about guitar.

Class Curriculum

Module 1: Acoustic Guitars

⏱ 7 Days

Module 2: Pickups & Amplification

⏱ 2 Days

Module 3: Guitar Accessories

⏱ 2 Days

Module 4: Ukuleles

⏱ 1 Day

Module 5: Appendix

⏱ 1 Day