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Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar Review

Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Rosewood Natural

Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar Review

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Model: FG730S

Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Rosewood Natural

If you were looking for a dependable and inexpensive guitar, the Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar might be just what you need. It’s a quality guitar at an entry level price, so it might suit you if you’re a neophyte or an adept on a budget.

It’s important to note that the FG730S is a part of series Yamaha’s FG series, an outstanding choice for beginners and seasoned veterans alike due to its superb craftsmanship and quality materials. This is not a pitch, it’s just a fact.

This series, along with the FS, which is in and of itself a popular smaller-bodied alternative for the FG, gives players a staggering range of style, size and configuration choices.

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  • 6-string
  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Rosewood back and sides
  • ​Nato neck
  • ​Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • ​Non-scalloped X-bracing
  • ​Dovetail neck joint
  • Hand sprayed thin finish
  • ​Die-cast tuners
  • ​Weight: 6.5lbs.
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 21 x 6 inches


The design team behind the FG730S apparently decided to go with the flow and stick to the iconic dreadnought shape, both for the facto of instant recognition, as well as to project its voice energetically.

The top is made of solid Sitka spruce, and supported with non-scalloped quarter-sawn X-bracing, both of which contribute to excellent clarity and breezy highs, as well as ample dynamic response.

Despite what you may have thought, rosewood is not uncommon in backs and sides of many a quality acoustic guitar, although it’s nigh on impossible to find it in solid body electrics. It’s quite heavy, and makes for a brightly sounding guitar.

The nato neck efficiently deals with the tension created by the strings, and even features an adjustable truss rod for added stability. Moreover, the dovetail joint between the neck and the body does an admirable job of keeping the integrity of the guitar.


The Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar is available in a few varaiants, depending on the finish – Natural, Dusk Sun Red, Tobacco Brown Sunburst, Vintage Cherry Sunburst, Brown Sunburst and Black, so feel free to take a pick.

Available Colors

ImageColourWoodMore Info
Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Rosewood, NaturalNaturalMahogany➨ See Price
Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar - Rosewood, Tobacco Brown Sunburst thumbTobacco Brown SunburstRosewood➨ See Price
Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar - Rosewood, Vintage Cherry Sunburst thumbVintage Cherry SunburstRosewood➨ See Price

Action & Feel

The action feels a wee bit high on the upper frets, though not too high, not even for a beginner. With some diddling around the saddle, this can be easily remedied, though it’s best to take it to a professional luthier for this.

The fingerboard feels great, and none of the frets stick out, so playing it feels comfortable.


The sound has exceptional projection and great dynamic range. The FG730S really comes into its own for camping trips, or projecting power among other instruments. The Sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides work well together to give you a full, deep and boomy sound.

It’s amazing how a guitar in this price range can utilize such choice wood and give a well-rounded sound without sacrificing projection and clarity. You can fully expect this bad boy to hold the tune after some time of vigorous fingerpicking.

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