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Acoustic Letter

The Acoustic Letter Acoustic Guitar Blog

The Acoustic Letter blog has a niche, and it nails that niche nearly perfectly. A guitar review blog comprised mostly of comparisons between brand name guitars, taking guitars with sometimes up to $1000 price differentials and attempting to answer the age old question: “Does expense equate to quality?” Acoustic Letter is a phenomenal resource.

All Things Acoustic Guitar

All Things Acoustic Guitar Blog

All Things Acoustic Guitar attempts precisely what the name implies; to cover all things related to acoustic guitar playing. Usually this is a task best left untouched, but ATAG comes close to success. With a comprehensive database of chords, scales and lessons easily accessible on the clean, easy-to-use blog, All Things Acoustic Guitar really puts in the effort, and with great results.

Nail Guitar

Nail Guitar Blog

Nail Guitar is the blog run by YouTube sensation Andy Collins. It is a wonderful resource for guitarists of all experience levels, as it caters to the majority of musicians rather than just a select few working at a certain style or level. Collins has hundreds of videos offering guitarists lessons and teaching them how to play the most popular songs on acoustic.

Acoustic Guitar Community

Acoustic Guitar Community

Acoustic Guitar Community is one of the most popular resources for acoustic guitarists. With independent posters each able to offer their own reviews and lessons to fellow musicians, and with such a large audience at their disposal, Acoustic Guitar Community can be a great tool for any musician.

Acoustic Guitar Chord

Acoustic Guitar Chords

If chords are what you love the most, then Acoustic Guitar Chord is the perfect blog. Acoustic Guitar Chord offers literally hundreds of songs for acoustic players to learn, and dozens of chords for them to mess around with, opening the doors to creativity and learning and allowing guitarists to begin their journey, or continue it, with a very solid foundation.

New Wave of Acoustic Guitar

New Wave of Acoustic Guitar has its hands in a few jars; artist interviews, album reviews, and guitar blurbs to keep readers up to date with some of the latest acoustic information—if they play new age music. For those of you with interests in new age music, NWOAG is a great source of information.

Acoustic Guitarists

Acoustic Guitarist Blog

Acoustic Guitarists is a hodge-podge blog that aims to cover all the needs of the average acoustic guitarists, from reviews to YouTube video play-throughs of acoustic guitar songs. The blog breaks up lessons and techniques in to several well-structured articles, spreading the articles out over the span of a couple weeks or a couple months for easy digestion.

Eddie’s Guitars

Eddies Guitars

Though not strictly an acoustic guitar blog, Eddie’s Guitars reviews some of the nicest high end acoustics available for purchase. From PRS Private Stock rarities to quadruple digit Taylors, the blog is perfect for seasoned guitarists or gigging musicians with some extra cash who are looking to make their instrument a real investment.

Classical Guitar

The Classical Guitar Blog

An integral part of learning to play the acoustic guitar is getting to know the scene, familiarizing yourself with new music and broadening your musical horizons to expand your palette. The Classical Guitar blog is all about classical acoustic guitar, but the music featured is not always entirely traditional. One of the most useful things you will ever do for your playing is to look at a dozen musicians playing the same style, and study what makes them sound so different. The Classical Guitar blog makes it easy for you to do just that.

Guitar Noise

Guitar Noise

Guitar Noise has been around for fourteen years, and the Guitar Noise blog showcases that experience well. With a smattering of artist interviews, lessons and articles on the craft and nature of the acoustic guitar, Guitar Noise is pack full with little tidbits any guitarist would benefit from.

Guitar Salon

Guitar Salon Blog

Guitar Salon International is the perfect place for inspiration. With a massive following built through more than 30 years of classical guitar sales, GSI has the resources, and takes full advantage of them, offering interviews, artist play-throughs, jam sessions and interviews with guitarists and luthiers alike, giving readers inside information they’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Dream Guitars

Dream Guitars Blog

Dream Guitars is the blog you wish you ran; it features some of the best top of the line acoustic instruments available on the market, guitars that can sometimes even fetch a five-number price tag. With Dream Guitars’ blog, you have all the tools to “Find the Guitar of Your Dreams,” which would be a difficult feat if Dream Guitars didn’t make it so easy.

Heartwood Guitar

Heartwood Guitar Instruction Blog

No one knows instruments better than a guitar teacher. Guitar teachers have seen the best and worst of it all, from budget clunkers to investment gold. Rob Hampton makes no pretense–Heartwood Guitar is primarily a free lesson resource, which alone is enough to make it stand as one of the best available. But the blog also offers tools and tricks of the trade, and those are things you cannot learn without proper guidance.

Guitar Adventures

Guitar Adventures

As an Amazon Associate, Best Acoustic Guitar Guide earns from qualifying purchases.