What are the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings?

The 6 Second Summary: Looking for the best acoustic guitar strings? Strings are an integral part of the overall tone of an instrument. The right strings can make a guitar sound vibrant and alive. They can add the extra bit of bite to chords and allow notes to resonate longer. Buying the right strings is … Read more

What is the Best Parlor Guitar? We Review 24 of the Best

The 6 Second Summary: As with all guitar purchases, the best parlor guitar for you will be the one which balances your personal comfort with it (of the guitar’s feel and sound) with its affordability. In that regard, be sure to — if possible — schedule a couple hour in the next day or two … Read more

Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar For You

The 6(ish) Second Summary: To make sure you’re happy with your acoustic guitar purchase, try to balance two factors: comfortability of the guitar in your hands and affordability of the instrument. If you get a guitar that’s really affordable, but it you don’t like how it sounds, looks, and feels, then you’ll probably feel repelled … Read more