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You might find it odd that, for acoustic guitars, you’d need to think about amplification. The truth is, if you don’t plan on playing gigs, open mics, or other events with 20+ people in the room, you can quite honestly skip this section, since the natural amplification of your acoustic guitar (combined with nice technique) should be more than enough volume for you. In fact, that’s part the beauty of acoustic guitars — you don’t need to drop extra money on amplification!

Though, if you purchased an acoustic-electric guitar or otherwise hope to somehow amplify your fully acoustic guitar (say, with a microphone), then this module is for you. Its aim is to break-down everything you’ll need to know about acoustic guitar amplification, advise you on factors you might want to consider about getting pickups, mics, or amps, and also provide some feasible options for you to get started.

Equipped with the amplification tools you need, you’ll be able to make your acoustic guitar’s voice heard in a room full of listeners, and perhaps not have to dig into your strings too much to get volume, among other plusses!

Hope this guide is of help to you, and thanks for reading.



Lessons (3)

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