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Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar Review

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar Review

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar - Spalted Maple

Manufacturer: Oscar Schmidt (by Washburn)

Model: OS2SM

The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar with Spalted Maple Top is a rustic, rugged and reliable little devil, and one of the most beautiful guitars out there.


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  • 6-string
  • Dreadnought
  • ​Spalted maple top
  • ​Mahogany sides and back
  • ​Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • ​Weight: 9.6lbs.
  • ​Dimensions: 46 x 18 x 7 inches


The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM takes the shape of a classic dreadnought, an instantly recognizable outline that almost all kids that have the hots for guitars try drawing even before learning about the different body shapes and brands. The guitar is a maple/mahogany/rosewood combo, each of which plays a part in making it a prize for any musician’s collection.

The back and sides are mahogany, which is a good choice if you want soft and mellow sound without sacrificing sturdiness.

It’s interesting to note that the coloration of the maple top comes from fungi. Fret not, the wood has been processed and lacquered, so there is no risk that they will re-appear and ruin your baby. The top contributes to the overall sound with precision and tightness in the lows, while it’s brightness is significantly mellowed by the mahogany body.

Mahogany also makes the neck, while the fretboard is rosewood, which is a good combo if you need resilience and smoothness in one package. Although the neck is capable to bear light gauge strings on its own, the manufacturer has included an adjustable truss rod and complimentary wrench to… well, adjust it.The build is quite sturdy overall, which, coupled with the more than affordable price, makes this a good knock-around guitar, although it would be a shame actually not taking care of it.


The OG2SM features a natural glossy finish which accentuates the intricate patterns of the spalted maple top.

Action & Feel

The action is very low, but there are no dead spots. If you’re worried that it might develop a buzz, ask someone experienced for help, especially if you’re a beginner.

The fretboard is smooth, frets are well-dressed and not sticking out, so you should have comfortable playability with this puppy.


The laminate combo of Maple/Mahogany yields an auditory balm that combines best of both worlds – the clear and well-defined tones of maple and the mellow, smooth low and mid-tones of mahogany. In this way, you get the solid well-roundedness and suppleness of the mahogany, with the added clarity and bite of the Maple.The Rosewood fingerboard and bridge contributes to the mix, as well, adding brightness and airiness to the warm fullness of the body

The dreadnought is an ideal shape to capture and resonate powerful tones, and the Oscar Schmidt OG2SM is no exception.

Moreover, it’s able to hold the tune even after a couple of hours of sustained playing, but you should consider tuning it weekly if you insist on practicing daily with it. It’s ideal for beginners, both those who are just going for the looks and those who are serious in their intentions.