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Top 20 Best Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

Top 20 Best Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

What is a Gig Bag?

Gig bags are an essential tool of every guitar player’s journey, especially when we’re talking about beginners. If you’re wondering what is a gig bag, we’d say that the item’s name is quite self- explanatory – it’s a bag, typically made of nylon and additional padding materials, that you use to safely transport your guitar in.

What to Look for in a Gig Bag?

When it comes to acoustic guitars, additional safety measures are always welcome, as we are talking about much more fragile instruments after all. So when purchasing an acoustic guitar gig bag, you will need to keep your eyes peeled on a variety of factors.

While a fairly vast array of guitar bag options exists on the market, the item’s general concept pretty much always remains the same. The main differences would of course be the ones referring to build quality. The more durable a bag is on the outside, the stronger its padding is, the better it will be, and more expensive in most cases.


Additional differences you should pay attention to are related to the shape of your guitar. If the six-string has a jumbo body, you will need a jumbo guitar gig bag, and nothing else if you want to take proper care of the instrument. This is actually of utmost importance. While you can get away with making some smaller mistakes during the purchase, buying a product that you can’t fit your guitar into is a big no-no.

Finally, other smaller differences you can pay attention to based on your personal taste include pockets, zippers and handles. Just about every gig bag has a big pocket in front, but some come with a small pocket near the instrument’s headstock as well. The vast majority also has a small handle near the central part, but some also have extended straps that allow you carry the six string over your shoulder. As for zippers, there are definitely differences in quality.

Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags in Detail


Manufacturer: Gator

We’ll kick things off with a trusty Gator gig bag, the GBE-DREAD model. If you’re looking for a great acoustic guitar bag at a fair price, this one is a fine choice. It comes at a fair and budget friendly price, yet it offers all the basic and essential things a good bag should offer – protection from rain and physical damage, along with carrying convenience.

It utilizes a standard nylon construction with 10 mm of internal padding, but also has a nice little extra feature not every affordable padded guitar bag can boast – a specially reinforced interior at headstock and bridge location, making the more fragile parts of the instrument extra safe.

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Kingtoys 41 Inch Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Kingtoys

If you want to get a solid gig bag at a super low and super affordable price, how ’bout this Kingtoys fella? From the right retailer, it can be yours for as low as $8. That’s like a cup of coffee or something! The casing is crafted from solid nylon that will protect the instrument from the rain, as well as from physical damage.

We’re looking at a black bag with a total size of 41.3 x 16 x5 inches (105 x 40 x 13 cm), which makes it suitable for all guitar sizes below 41 inches. Also included in the mix is a standard large back pocket, a handle and a strap for carrying. The strap is practical and easily adjustable up to the max length of 26 inches (66 cm).

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Manufacturer: Gator

Gator is a great company and one of our top contenders for the flattering title of best guitar bags manufacturer, and this MINI model is yet another fine choice. Once again, we’re looking at high quality nylon construction with a sturdy 10 mm internal padding, additionally reinforced interior at headstock and bridge.

Also included in the mix is a big frontal exterior pocket for accessories, along with a comfortable padded shoulder strap. If you want a great padded gig bag at a fair price, this one’s for you.

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ADM Padded Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag with Pockets

Manufacturer: ADM

If you’re willing to invest just a few extra bucks more than for your plain average casing, you can get this ADM beast. This is an amazing acoustic gig bag, and a mere glance makes it obvious we’re looking at top-notch build quality. It has a durable nylon structure with extra padding, and everything about it is extra strong and extra sleek.

In the practical department, we’re looking at two padded shoulder straps, a side handle, a front handle, a super strong zipper, and water resistant PVC construction.

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Manufacturer: Gator

In case you are after something more classic and standard, we recommend this elegant Gator bag. At a fair price, the item offers strong protection both from physical damage and humidity, featuring a standardized nylon construction with 10 mm internal padding and a reinforced interior crafted to protect the fragile parts such as the headstock and the guitar’s bridge.

The product comes with a size of 40.75 x 15.50 x 3.75 inches and a quite light weight of 1.4 pounds. It has a large front pocket, a side carrying handle and a padded strap.

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Cordoba Deluxe Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Cordoba

Now if you’re a ukulele player, it’s not a good choice to carry your instrument in a standard guitar bag. Those are much larger, which leaves plenty of room for your uke to move around and get damaged. The good news is that for the price of a standard guitar bag you can get an amazing ukulele bag such as this Cordoba beast.

It’s packed with a heavy-duty water resistant nylon denier, a shoulder strap system for backpack style wearing, and a large zipper pocket. The build quality is off the charts, and we can guarantee that this thing will keep your instrument safe and sound.

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Andoer 600D

Manufacturer: Andoer

If sexy design is your thing, you’ll want to check out Andoer. This company offers top-notch gig bags at a fair price, with an extra selling point – cool design. With three color variations and a price of under $30, this casing offers great protection through water-proof nylon build, and features soft padding with included cotton. This ensures that the product performs an excellent job as far as a guitar bag’s primary job of protecting the instrument is concerned.

Also included in the mix is an adjustable shoulder strap, some backpack type straps, as well as gripped handles on the side.

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ChromaCast CC-A3/4PB-BAG

Manufacturer: ChromaCast

You might have thought that there’s a limited number of variations to guitar bags, and you’re right, but that number is probably far greater than you thought. Anyhow, this one, a ChromaCast CC-A3 model, is a great option for players who carry many accessories with them.

Apart from standard nylon casing, the bag offers many pockets, a total of five of them – four on the bottom and a big one on top. If you have an above average number of cables, pedals and accessories, this is a great pick. Note that the item is available in a variety of sizes and options.

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Guardian CG-090-D3/4 90 Series DuraGuard

Manufacturer: Guardian

We’ll round up the first segment of our search with a nifty dreadnought gig bag – the Guardian CG-090-D3/4. This is a great option if you’re in pursuit of an acoustic guitar gig bag backpack, as the product features a set of practical backpack straps. The item has a light weight of 2 pounds and a total size of 39 x 16 x 6 inches.

Apart from that, we’re looking at an elegant case with a 6 mm high-density padding and a set of two multi-accessory pockets. The price is quite fair, making this bag a great deal overall. Now let’s take a look at some wild cards!

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World Tour Deluxe 20mm ES-335-Style

Manufacturer: World Tour

If you’re a touring performer, you will need to secure extra protection for your instrument, and that is exactly what this World Tour gig bag has to offer. Although it is not recommended to use gig bags during flights, we say that if you’re taking your guitar on a flight, this padded gig bag for acoustic guitar is your winning ticket.

The item utilizes an extra-thick 20 mm high-density padding, along with a water-resistant PVC-backed high-end Cordura material, backpack handles, as well as a set of heavy duty 10mm zippers with oversize pulls, and triple-gusseted storage pockets in the front.

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Zero Gravity Mid Depth Acoustic Guitar Case

Manufacturer: TKL

Now in case you were to ask us what is the best acoustic guitar gig bag, there’s a good chance we would say Zero Gravity. This is pretty much as close as a gig bag can get to a guitar case, as we’re looking at an item with an inside rigid foam and thick plush padding you are used to seeing on heavy-duty cases.

On the outside, we have strong nylon exterior, rugged zippers, and extra soft comfort grip handles. Considering the quality you’re getting, the above-average price tag still doesn’t change the fact that this product is a genuine bargain!

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Manufacturer: Mono

Bringing together the best sides of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge modern technology, we have Mono, a company that made a name for itself through top-notch innovation and a line of high-end products. This is a hybrid case with an ABS head and body impact panels, along with a waterproof sharkskin shell with industrial rubber sole.

In plain terms, this thing rocks! It will keep your guitar tucked in like a baby, mainly thanks to two revolutionary features – the drop-proof headlock and the vertical impact resistance. If you can afford this puppy, don’t hesitate one bit.

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Glarry 41 Inch High Quality Dual Shoulder Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Glarry

If you’re looking to spend less that $20 on a guitar bag, and get the absolute best gig bag for the buck, this Glarry 41 fella is among our top picks. It has a strong casing, a neat standard design, includes all the standardized protection against scratch and shock, and even utilizes triple gusseted storage pockets.

And from the right retailer, it can be yours for not $20, but for $15! When it comes to other standard features, we’re looking at a standard large front pocket, an extra handle in the frontal part, and a solid strap.

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Protec Deluxe Dreadnought Bag

Manufacturer: ProTec

The champion of the under $50 realm, or at least a strong contender for the flattering title, would be the Protec Deluxe. We’re looking at a great dreadnought guitar gig bag with a rich, extra-strong 25mm padding and an elegant soft nylon lining. It features roomy pockets on the outside – both in the bottom front part and on the top, along with a set of on-board padded backpack straps.

The rugged nylon exterior secures that your six-string is safely tucked away, while the extra straps ensure that the guitar is easy to carry. A winning ticket is what it is.

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Sierra SBAG04 Jumbo

Manufacturer: Sierra

If you’re a sucker for classy reddish guitar bags, the Sierra SBAG04 will hit that soft spot. It is an amazingly sleek thing that packs more than good looks. It has a fair price of around $50 and it comes with some top-level build quality, utilizing a 20mm foam padding with a nifty non-scratch interior, plenty of storage compartments, a side handle, a frontal handle, and an elegant Sierra logo in the front.

Note that the item is available in four different sizes, allowing you to accommodate the full range of the company’s guitars.

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Stagg STB-10W

Manufacturer: Stagg

If there is one company out there you can trust to make a cheap acoustic gig bag that will still do a stellar job and never let you down, it’s Stagg. Representing the Belgian manufacturer, we bring you the STB-10W model, a sturdy black nylon casing with a 10 mm foam padding for solid protection.

Also included in the mix is a single pouch for all the accessories, a set of two shoulder straps, and a heavy comfort handle. It’s light, it’s strong, and it can even carry the big guitars. At this price, what more can a musician ask for?

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D’Luca GB03

Manufacturer: D’Luca

In case you strive towards simplicity, quality and affordability, we bring you the elegant D’Luca, a great and functional gig bag with all the basic functions one might need. The product comes with a standard acoustic full size of 41, it’s crafted with black nylon and utilizes a solid 5mm foam padding.

Other notable features include a front outer pocket and classic backpack straps. The item has a light weight of 1.8 pounds and a total size of 42 x 5 x 17 inches. The best way to describe this fella would be a hidden gem of the price-conscious realm.

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Seagull Acoustic Guitar Bag

Manufacturer: Seagull

Finally, the best gig bag for Seagull Guitars comes from the very source. This casing is crafted specifically with the company’s instruments in mind, and utilizes an array of features that protect the guitars’ weaker spots in the absolute best way. After all, who can make best protection for a guitar if not the guy who made it?

Made in North America, it covers a wide array of guitars and can even serve as a jumbo guitar gig bag. Other standard features include a large frontal pocket, a side handle, a carrying strap, as well as a set of beautiful Seagull logos.

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