Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Picks

Picks are the virtually unsung heroes of the guitar world. They might not look as cool as a Gibson Flying V or be as impressive as a Marshall stack, but they can make or break a guitarist’s playing in terms of speed, clarity and tone. And the truly studious guitarists who pay close attention to … Read more

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp?

Finding the perfect amplifier is a crucial part in creating that huge, full-bodied sound that we as musicians strive for. A good amp can bring a flat guitar to life, lending its sound exceptional clarity and depth, allowing you to see your sonic dreams fulfilled. A bad amp, however, can turn even the most beautiful … Read more

What is the Best Classical Acoustic Guitar?

When playing a classical guitar, one may gain a feeling of romantic desire or whimsy. The deep tone that emanates from the carefree picking of the classical guitar’s nylon strings is one that stays with you long after you put the instrument down. Having derived directly from the modern classical guitar, or Spanish guitar as … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

Famous guitar brands, like those used by legendary musical artists can be found for reasonable prices if you know what to look for. When purchasing a quality acoustic guitar, it’s important to remember, that good sound quality is available in well known brands, as well as less expensive ones. There are many guitar manufacturers today, … Read more

Fender CD60 Acoustic Guitar Review

Manufacturer: Fender Model: CD-60, CD-60S, CD-60SCE, CF-60, CF-60CE ➨ See Price It doesn’t matter if playing guitar is your job or your hobby; it’s always nice to have a “guitar for the road,” so to speak. An instrument that you can pull out at a campfire, a family jamm session or on a bumpy tour … Read more

Fender T-Bucket 300CE Acoustic Guitar Review

Model: T-Bucket 300CE Manufacturer: Fender There’s not much that this bad boy has to do to sell itself besides saying it’s a Fender. In all seriousness, though, the Fender T-Bucket 300CE does lend itself well to neophytes, but it would probably be better for adepts and mages who feel more inclined to diddle with higher frets, … Read more