Best Ukulele for Beginners – Our Top 10 Best Beginner Ukulele

The ukulele is a beautiful instrument, but it’s not as easy to play in the earliest stages (such as a guitar, for example). In this article, we’re going to go over some things you should know about beginner ukuleles and starter ukulele sets. Then, of course, we’ll review 10 of the best models we found. … Read more

Best Soprano Ukulele – Top 5 of the Best Soprano Ukuleles

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Best Bass Ukulele – Top 10 of the Best Bass Ukuleles

Ukulele bass instruments are, essentially, smaller versions of standard bass instruments. They’re easier to play, they sound pretty much alike, and they’re often cheaper. Now, there are quite a lot of differences between regular basses and ukulele basses, but there are also a lot of similarities. For example, the design of both ukulele and standard … Read more

Best Ukulele Reviews – Top 10 Good Quality Ukuleles

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Ukulele Sizes – All 6 Types of Ukuleles

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Best Ukulele Brands – 10 of the Top Ukulele Brands

Diamond Head Diamond Head is one of the prominent leaders in the ukulele industry market. You might’ve heard about them, or might’ve not, but they offer some of the best ukulele models for a budget price. Some of their best products are Diamond Head Mahogany Soprano, Mahogany Pineapple, Maple Soprano, and Mahogany Concert ukulele. This … Read more