Baby Taylor BT2 Acoustic Guitar Review

Taylor’s Baby guitar line was designed to meet the needs of those guitarists who (a.) wanted a smaller sized guitar for travel, (b.) had hands too small for a full sized acoustic guitar, or (c.) wanted to start their children off playing guitar. And like all Taylor has done in the last 10 years, the … Read more

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review

Manufacturer:Yamaha Model:F335 Yamaha is mostly known in the US for their vehicles–motorcycles, snowmobiles and even boats–but in Japan, Yamaha has been making instruments for over 60 years. With all that experience behind them, Yamaha offers some of the best budget guitars available, and the Yamaha F335 is no exception. Yamaha F335 Specifications Full dreadnaught body … Read more

Seagull Entourage Rustic Acoustic Guitar Review

The Seagull Entourage Rustic guitar is a classic acoustic design by the popular North American manufacturer Seagull that uses simplicity and class to make something wholly new out of something old. Specifications Select pressure tested top wood A double action truss rod Solid cedar top Canadian wild cherry back Canadian wild cherry sides Rosewood finger … Read more

Taylor 110 100 Series Acoustic Guitar Review

The Taylor 110 is a “budget” range guitar offered by one of the most renowned acoustic guitar manufacturers in the world, Taylor Guitars. With a higher price tag than most of its competitors, like most Taylor guitars, the 110 is aimed toward the serious guitarist, or even just the dedicated beginner. Specifications Full dreadnought shape … Read more

Top Guitar Blogs

Acoustic Letter The Acoustic Letter blog has a niche, and it nails that niche nearly perfectly. A guitar review blog comprised mostly of comparisons between brand name guitars, taking guitars with sometimes up to $1000 price differentials and attempting to answer the age old question: “Does expense equate to quality?” Acoustic Letter is a phenomenal … Read more

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under $500?

Looking for a new acoustic guitar, but restricted by a budget? Finding that perfect instrument when you have limited resources to spend can be difficult, not because there aren’t enough options, but quite the opposite: there are too many options. Most guitar manufacturers’ bread and butter is mid-range guitars within the $300 – $500 price … Read more