Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – The Top 5 Picks

Playing an acoustic guitar sure seems fun… But you just can’t get a hold of all the terms, specs and features in order to buy the right one. Trust me, I’ve been there. If only there was a straightforward and easy way to learn the basics needed in order to get the best possible guitar for yourself, … Read more

The Top Acoustic Electric Guitars Around $300

There are a lot of Guitar Websites competing for your shopping attention. What makes us different is our depth of review, as well as the fact that we frequently update this guide to reflect which guitars are in stock.  For the unsuspecting shopper, there are ways to cheapen production and provide a guitar with sub-par sound. You would be … Read more


Overview​ Here in this Appendix, you’ll find all the supplementary information to any course material from the modules. It’s meant to just add more context, or provide more details, as you make any decisions with your guitar (or ukulele) setup. For example, lots of the Appendix is made up of specific gear profiles, where we’ve … Read more

Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners – Top 10 Simple and Easy Ukulele Songbooks

If you’re looking for a compilation of some easy ukulele songs, you may want to check out these 10 ukulele songbooks. Ukulele songbooks are short (or long) ukulele instruction manual guides for beginners. They usually contain several songs, sheet (or tab) music for them, and a play-through. Learning from a music songbook is one of the … Read more

Kids Ukulele – Top 10 Ukulele for Kids

Ukulele for children are usually smaller models – they are either smaller in size or have wider (but fewer) frets. If you’re looking for a kids ukulele, you should always make sure that it’s lightweight, that it comes with an instructional DVD, and a tuner. These features are the basic components every child needs if … Read more