What Makes a Good Acoustic Guitar?

Buying your first guitar is a very exciting experience, but it can also easily go very wrong, if you don’t know what you’re doing and have no one to nudge you in the right direction. You need to be aware that not all acoustic guitars are the same, and that choosing the right one for … Read more

Learning Guitar? Check out Our Strumming Guide

They say that the most crucial aspect of your guitar sound is located right in your hands. Essentially, the tone is in your hands – your fretting hand on one side and your strumming hand on the other. We decided to focus on the latter segment and discuss the matter of guitar strumming. There are … Read more

Top Guitar Blogs

Acoustic Letter The Acoustic Letter blog has a niche, and it nails that niche nearly perfectly. A guitar review blog comprised mostly of comparisons between brand name guitars, taking guitars with sometimes up to $1000 price differentials and attempting to answer the age old question: “Does expense equate to quality?” Acoustic Letter is a phenomenal … Read more