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Best Acoustic Guitar

7 Lessons
1 hr 12 min


I’m just picturing you with your vintage, 1918 Martin Dreadnought guitar, moonlight reflecting on your lover’s face and you, as you play the most delicate piece by Mozart. Or Megadeth. Either way, it’s a beautiful scene, without any doubt.

Yes, you want to get started with an acoustic guitar. To get serious for a sec, it’s really a great idea to start with an acoustic guitar. You’ll be able to sling your guitar upon your back, and walk a mile up the road or up the valley-way. Also, you’ve wisely picked a path that avoids spending lots of extra money on amps, cables, pedals, and other gear which, frankly (ask any electric guitarist, there should be AAA meetings for — it’s so addicting haha. Trust me I know.

Most importantly, though, learning on acoustic guitar forces you to develop stronger fretting & plucking techniques. I’m happy to discuss this more with anyone, but to me it’s the only way anyone ought to start with guitar; you’ll be a better player, faster, by learning on an acoustic guitar.

So, in this module, you’re assumed to not have a guitar yet! I’ve bought and sold many guitars (and guitar equipment) over the years, and a lot like buying and selling cars or buying and selling houses, there’s a nuance and culture to buying your gear; the more you do it, the better you get at saving money and getting better value. You’ll hear those buying tips, and in general you’ll see the minimal, affordable supplies you need to start get started.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

– Module 1: Learn all the housekeeping details about the guitar to get started, including the parts of the guitar and how to tune a guitar.

– Module 2: Learn each string individually, and steadily apply exercises and songs to cement that knowledge in your mind. Once you have that know-how, you’ll learn how to play multiple strings simultaneously (that being chords). By the end, you’ll be equipped to independently learn your favorite songs and graduate from being a beginner to an intermediate.


module 1. Getting started with the guitar (4)

Anatomy of the Guitar

⏱ 11 min

module 2. First Strings & Notes on the Guitar (22)​