What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp?

Finding the perfect amplifier is a crucial part in creating that huge, full-bodied sound that we as musicians strive for. A good amp can bring a flat guitar to life, lending its sound exceptional clarity and depth, allowing you to see your sonic dreams fulfilled. A bad amp, however, can turn even the most beautiful … Read more

Fender Frontman 212R Acoustic Guitar Amp Review

Guitarists have always had a love-hate relationship with solid-state amplifiers. On one hand they can hardly hold a candle to their tube powered counterparts in terms of sound quality, but on the other hand they do tend to be more reliable and usually cheaper. And although the purists might argue against them, there is much … Read more

Fender Champion 600 Acoustic Guitar Amp Review

The great thing about tube amplifiers is that they produce a rich, organic tone, irrespective of how far they’re cranked up; a feat that even the most modern solid-state amps find hard to replicate. The downside is that most tube amps are far too bulky and powerful for practical home use – until recently that … Read more

Behringer ACX900 Ultracoustic Amplifier Review

Founded in 1989 by Uli Behringer, the Behringer Company is a comparatively new player in the audio equipment market. And although never really regarded as a high-end manufacturer, Behringer has strived over the years to put out products that are both effective and affordable; especially with their recent lines of guitar amplifiers. Of these, the Behringer … Read more

Fender Acoustasonic 150 Amplifier Review

When it comes to guitars and guitar amplification, there is arguably no manufacturer more iconic than the Fender Company. For years guitarists have relied on both Fender guitars and Fender amplifiers to get the job done; in rehearsal spaces, recording studios and live arenas. And with Fender’s introduction of the ‘Acoustasonic’ acoustic guitar amp line, playing … Read more