Top 20 Best Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

What is a Gig Bag? Gig bags are an essential tool of every guitar player’s journey, especially when we’re talking about beginners. If you’re wondering what is a gig bag, we’d say that the item’s name is quite self- explanatory – it’s a bag, typically made of nylon and additional padding materials, that you use … Read more

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Tuner?

Every musician needs a perfectly tuned instrument so as to play different types of music. Beginners and learners know too well how difficult and stressful tuning an instrument, especially an acoustic guitar can be. Conventionally, experts tune their guitars using their accustomed musical ears, a method that is likely to be inaccurate and often takes … Read more

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp?

Finding the perfect amplifier is a crucial part in creating that huge, full-bodied sound that we as musicians strive for. A good amp can bring a flat guitar to life, lending its sound exceptional clarity and depth, allowing you to see your sonic dreams fulfilled. A bad amp, however, can turn even the most beautiful … Read more

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup?

When using an electric acoustic guitar, two things directly affect the tone of the instrument: the tone wood and the pickups. Both react differently with the amp and with each other, making finding the right pickups a somewhat confusing and drawn out process if you aren’t exactly certain of (a) what you are looking for … Read more

Comparing All 7 of Ernie Ball’s Volume Pedals

A volume pedal is a rather self-explanatory type of guitar gear – it’s a pedal that adjusts the volume of your guitar. Additionally, it’s a tool that can be used to adjust the level of other effects (level of distortion, level of reverb, level of just about any other pedal), at which point it gets … Read more