We’re all about your guitar mastery

As mentioned a tad before, the vision of Best Acoustic Guitar Guide is to be the most comprehensive, easiest-to-use database of acoustic guitars online. Ideally, if this site is almost like an encyclopaedia of every notable acoustic guitar ever manufactured, from the rarest Bacon & Day models to trusty Taylor guitars, it would be our dream come true.

For the moment, our next step is to focus on two aspects; one, a site redesign so it’s extremely logical and intuitive to navigate and consume the information on this site; two, adding much more guitar data to this directory-like site. At the moment we have a decent handful, but there’s so much more out there to talk about!

In terms of the values here, it’s about being helpful to the guitar community with real, thoughtful suggestions. Note that the guides here do earn money from the instrument suggestions — and that’s to fund the site itself, first and foremost — but, legitimately, earning ‘doh is priority #8. The main priorities are being helpful, and providing enjoyable content to skim during any passionate guitar player’s free time.

But who are we?

Now, what I should mention is that Best Acoustic Guitar Guide – at the moment – is actually just one person. My name’s Mitchell Park, and I’ve been learning the guitar for over 15 years now. You can find me on Youtube at youtube.com/blah148 where I teach niche delta blues guitar, and also on my other dedicated site, ploddings.com, where you’ll tons more detailed lessons on crazily obscure old blues musicians. For beginners, I’m steadily creating a new site at trustyguitar.com. I also do web development for my father’s site at glenbrookdental.ca.

But now with Best Acoustic Guitar Guide, it’s really all about taking things in the direction of teaching guitar for anyone – not just people who are super into blues. Long story short, hopefully the love of teaching guitar seeps into Best Acoustic Guitar Guidein such as way that it helps smoothen your path to becoming an awesome player.

The journey ahead you can expect for this site

For what you can expect from Best Acoustic Guitar Guide, keep tuning in every month or two and you’ll start seeing improvements; I think what’s most exciting will be having our own mini-course, helping anyone learn how to buy a guitar, ridding themselves of dreaded option anxiety. Alongside that, you’ll find lots more resources and recommendations to truly allow you to blast through your current plateaus and surprise yourself at the growth you experience.

Along the way, please do feel free to send a message with your feedback, thoughts, questions, and ideas. The real secret to this site becoming awesome is if you could share your super valuable insights about what could be done, and then we can try to make that happen.

Again thanks so much for visiting, I hope to speak to you soon, and do keep tuning in!

Kind regards, 

Mitchell Park!